Pax's Tasks & Rules:

Please take good care of Pax when he arrives at your school or residence. Please accomplish each one of these tasks while you have Pax.


  • When Pax arrives please twitter his arrival
  • Submit 5-7 blog entries on Pax's blog while he is visiting you.
  • Please take pictures of Pax with historical sites in your town.
  • Please submit those pictures onto Pax's Flickr site.
  • Please e-mail us at to set up a video conference with our class.
  • If possible, please add you website or wiki to pax's wiki.


  • Pax can stay as long as 1 week
  • Please send Pax to the next person on the sign up sheet
  • Feel free to look at all the item that come with Pax and add your own items when sending to the next person on the sign in sheet
  • prevent Pax from being in any problems, if so contact Mr Lutz on his e-mail address which will be provided
  • When Pax is being moved on to the next person or group, make sure he learns while he spending time with you
  • Please take appropriate pictures when its the time to post them on Pax's website